Tales from the Darkside Episode Guide

Season Two

1. The Impressionist

Airdate: 26 September 1985
The Impressionist - Tales from the Darkside The government want to communicate with an alien who holds the secret to nuclear fusion. A nightclub impressionist is blackmailed into helping them.
Main Cast: Chuck McGann, Bobby Di Cicco, Jack Andreozzi

2. Lifebomb

Airdate: 6 October 1985
Lifebomb - Tales from the Darkside A special medical firm, 'Lifebomb', implants a device in Ben Martin, a rich businessman. It will allow him to live forever. It soon becomes clear to him that there are some things worse than death.
Main Cast: Bill Macy, Robert Riesel, Samantha Harper

3. Ring Around the Redhead

Airdate: 13 October 1985
Ring Around the Redhead - Tales from the Darkside Billy Malone, a death row inmate, relates to a journalist of how he survived an earthquake and discovered a portal to another dimension out of which popped Keena, a young redhead.
Main Cast: John Heard, Penelope Ann Miller

4. Parlour Floor Front

Airdate: 20 October 1985
Parlour Floor Front - Tales from the Darkside A young married couple learns that their tenant is a practitioner of voodoo. The wife attempts to drive the tenant out of the building after bad things start to happen.
Main Cast: Adolph Caesar, Rosetta LeNoire, Donna Bullock

5. Halloween Candy

Airdate: 27 October 1985
Halloween Candy - Tales from the Darkside Mr. Killup is a nasty old misanthropic man who uses Halloween to torment trick-or-treating children. He gets his comeuppance when he is visited by a terrifying goblin demanding candy.
Main Cast: Roy Poole, Tim Choate, David Varnay

6. The Satanic Piano

Airdate: 3 November 1985
The Satanic Piano - Tales from the Darkside Pete Bancroft, a struggling composer, is contacted by a strange man who believes that his invention, a piano that can read minds, may be able to help Bancroft in his career.
Main Cast: Michael Warren, Lisa Bonet, Philip Roth

7. The Devil's Advocate

Airdate: 10 November 1985
The Devil's Advocate - Tales from the Darkside A hate-filled radio host gets multiple calls telling him that he's dead. He then discovers that the door to his studio has disappeared.
Main Cast: Jerry Stiller, Todd Oleson, Patrick Farrelly

8. Distant Signals

Airdate: 17 November 1985
Distant Signals - Tales from the Darkside A mysterious investor approaches a director and asks him to complete a short-run television series that was cancelled 20 years ago.
Main Cast: Darren McGavin, Lenny von Dohlen, David Margulies

9. The Trouble with Mary Jane

Airdate: 11 November 1985
The Trouble with Mary Jane - Tales from the Darkside Two occultists have a devil of a time when they are offered $50,000 to rid young Mary Jane of the demons possessing her.
Main Cast: Phyllis Diller, Lawrence Tierney, Anita Dangler

10. Ursa Minor

Airdate: 1 December 1985
Ursa Minor - Tales from the Darkside A little girl is not believed when she tells her parents that her teddy bear is responsible for the various pranks happening in the house. They start to believe her when they find giant claw marks and disturbing sounds during the night. The girl's mother destroys the teddy bear, but she is about to pay for her actions.
Main Cast: Marilyn Jones, Timothy Carhart, Jamie Ohar

11. Effect and Cause

Airdate: 8 December 1985
Effect and Cause - Tales from the Darkside Kate Collins, an artist, is afraid to paint over her old canvasses because she thinks that it will bring her bad Karma. She comes to the realisation that she has the power to change reality.
Main Cast: Susan Strasberg, Ben Marley, Judith-Marie Bergan

12. Monsters in My Room

Airdate: 22 December 1985
Monsters in My Room - Tales from the Darkside Timmy finds monsters in his bedroom, and this greatly complicates the already fractious relationship that he has with his stepfather.
Main Cast: Greg Mullavey, Seth Green, Beth McDonald

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